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What a home security should be.
At a price that���s right !

Let us Help. Pick your 
What a home security should be.
At a price that���s right !
$29.99 p/m
No contract
��� This System is awesome
And I love dealing with 
Nathan and Angela
They treat us like family ��� 
Learn all about the best home security
System on the market (High Definition).
Call Today: 503-516-6262
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Call Today: 503-516-6262
Remote control and advanced
Home automation options

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��� I���m stuck  in a contract 
With adt.  There system is vary 
Outdated compared  to  this system.
And it  cost  more. I cant wait  to switch 
To Omni wire , if I had only known  earlier .��� 
S.r . Happy Valley, or
Mouse over the devices to learn more about how a system from Omni Wire can benefit you. We would be happy to visit you at your home or business to give you a free security evaluation and answer any questions you may have.
$29.99 p/m
No contract
Download Adobe Flash 11
to see full system demo
Wireless Color touch screen keypad installs
any ware you need it  
Click on the screen to see how easy it is to use this system. Use any 4 digit number to disarm  the system
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Get the most advanced system on the market today form a local company costing less then the big box competitors. Everyone wins.
Dubbed as the equivalent of an Iphone or Android device for your home, a 2 gig system from Omni Wire will instantly transform your home in to a true smart home previously only available to the wealthy.  
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